How to Protect Your Property from Intruders

Nobody likes the thought of strangers entering their property. Whether they’re carrying out a planned theft, or just opportunists or vandals, it’s important to protect your place as much as possible from potential intruders. Here are some simple steps you can take to do so.

Secure the perimeter

Intruders will often look for homes that look easy to break into, without drawing attention to themselves. You can give them a tougher job by:

  • Installing a tall fence that’s hard to climb
  • Trimming hedges at the front of your house, so if they try to break in, they are easily seen
  • Installing a gate with video entry or similar type of security
  • Ensuring you have more than one lock, so it’s harder for them to break in
  • Adding security lights to draw attention to anyone on your property

If your home is too difficult to access, intruders will often be put off and move onto the next place, so the harder you can make it for them, the better.

Get a dog

Intruders will often be wary of trying to enter homes where there are dogs. This is because dogs are loud and can be vicious, so they don’t want to take the risk. If you already have a pet dog, consider sending them for guard dog training in Sydney so that they learn to protect the house. Certain breeds make better guard dogs, especially larger ones that look more menacing.

Make your home look lived in

You are most at risk of intruders when the house is empty and you are away. When you go on holiday, make sure you make your home look lived in. Keep a car on the drive, set light timers to go on and off randomly and make sure no mail is left on your doorstep. This will deter intruders looking for an easy job.

Make friends with your neighbours

If you don’t know your neighbours very well, try to get to know them a bit and ensure they know when you’re away. You can all keep an eye on each other’s houses and generally build a strong community that is free of crime.

Nobody likes the thought of people getting into their house, so make sure you take steps to prevent a burglary or home invasion. From making your home difficult to break into, to building a neighbourhood watch, following the above tips will make it less likely your home is targeted.






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