Reasons for Throwing Away Items That Don’t Spark Joy

When Netflix launched Marie Kondo’s show, some people got annoyed. They think that the idea of throwing away almost everything is unnecessary. They even got angry that this cleaning technique could lead to tons of waste. The idea is that when you hold the items you have at home, you need to check if they spark joy. If not, you have to throw them away. These are the reasons why such a simple philosophy makes sense.

You keep a lot of things

If it’s up to you, everything stays. The problem is that you have to maintain the cleanliness of your house. It means that you need to throw some items away. With this philosophy, you will know the value of every item. You can determine which of them deserves to stay.

It’s the best way to justify throwing things away

Our primary purpose in life is to find joy and happiness. Therefore, if we surround ourselves with things that don’t make us feel that way, it makes no sense. It holds true for the things you keep at home. Once they no longer fill you with joy, it’s time to let go. You don’t think about the monetary value of those things. You only consider how much happiness they bring to your life.

You want to feel at home

You will never feel at home if your house has a lot of unnecessary things. It looks messy everywhere you glance. It could affect your mood when you’re at home. It might even affect your level of productivity. If you want to feel at home, you need to clean your house and throw out the things you don’t need. When there’s ample space, you can breathe better and feel more relieved.

They might give joy to others

People criticize Marie Kondo for wasting a lot of stuff. The show didn’t tell people what to do with the items thrown out. If you feel terrible letting these things go, you can donate them to charitable organizations. You can also sell them online. These items no longer give you joy, but they can make others happy.

You can also rent a dumpster if you have no time for identifying the items. You can place everything in a single container, and the rental company will deal with it. Find a company that will ensure the useful things end up in recycling centers.

Start moving now

Whether or not you decide to follow Kondo’s philosophy, the point is that you need to start cleaning your house. You can look at different areas and determine which of the items you no longer need. You can also clean up one area for a day so that it won’t feel overwhelming.

Once you finish the job, you will feel relieved. It would help if you also learned from this experience, especially in buying things. You might have been too impulsive, and it led to the bulk of items you have at home. If you don’t want to repeat the experience of throwing away so many things, you should slow down when shopping.


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