Five Signs Your Home Needs A Plumber

Building a lovely home is every man’s dream. An excellent and serviceable plumbing system will turn your house into a home. Running tap water and a sound drainage system are vital requirements in every home.

Whenever a repair is essential, it should be dealt with accordingly. Regular maintenance will help you avoid significant problems in the future. Call a plumber anytime your plumbing system shows a fault.

Signs your Home Needs a Plumber

Change in Water Quality

A burst pipe can allow foreign matter, such as sand or cement, into your plumbing system. As a result, the water coming from the tap will not be clean for consumption. Clogging in pipes also leads to deteriorated water quality.

It is not only annoying, but also a risk to your health. The water may be decolorized, taste bad, or have a strong odor. Once you notice these changes, you should call a plumber immediately.

Low Water Pressure and Noises

Low water pressure is a result of clogging or burst pipes. Water will flow from your tap with low pressure than usual. It would be best if you wiped out simple clogs from your lines. But if it’s beyond your reach, you should visit your nearest plumbing store.

Similarly, a gurgling sound beneath your plumbing systems signifies a fault somewhere. The noise may be a result of breaking parts or foreign materials. A plumber will clean the system and replace old appliances with new ones.

Slow Water Drainage

Water drains slowly, maybe as a result of clogged drains. It would help if you cleaned the clog from the lines, or they will block. However, the clogging may be in multiple drain pipes. You should seek a plumber right away before they cause a blockage.

Multiple clogs may also be associated with a broken sewer line or pests’ infiltration. Planning routine maintenance can help prevent all these. Most clogs will be as a result of proper preventive care.


Leaks are a result of cracked or dislocated pipes. Dripping water is a sign of a leaking pipe. However, the leakage may be small, so the area is slightly wet all day. You should immediately call a plumber to fix it before it causes significant structural damage.

Some pipes are held tightly behind a surface, and visible signs may not be evident. Mildew growth on a surface with a line passing beneath is a significant sign of invisible leakage. Unexplained spikes in water bills are also a sign of leakage in lines.

No Running Water

Nothing dooms a day like having no water at all. Sudden water shutdown may be due to your water service provider or a problem with your plumbing system. Clogged and burst pipes will not deliver water to your tap.

You should check with your neighbors if water is available. If it only affects your home, you should call a plumber or visit the nearest plumbing store.


Plumbing problems can be costly, especially when done in critical conditions. Not addressing these plumbing problems can cause irreversible damage to your premise. It is essential to address these problems by calling a professional plumber.

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