Why Virtual Agm Is So Important

With the world becoming more connected with technology and innovation, your business should do the same. If you’re a citizen of Singapore, you must be knowing about the laws that the government has passed on seventh April 2020 and fourth September 2020, which permit enlisted organizations and social orders to direct their Annual General Meetings or AGMs distantly–which is why they have become known as Virtual AGM–to conform to the current safe separating measures until the 30th of June 2021.

Physical Meetings?

Now, these laws in no way mean that you won’t be able to attend or hold physical meetings, just that you are also allowed to hold virtual meetings with your business partners, and colleagues whenever and wherever required. These virtual meetings will visibly reduce the number of cases when it comes to COVID.


When it comes to having virtual meetings on almost a weekly basis, you need a good app that can either let you have meetings with your colleagues or live stream whatever you want to say to your team.

Not just technologies are backing you up. You also need the right colleagues and teammates that will not bail on you and will be able to attend the Virtual AGM even if they have a horrible network.

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