The Ultimate Guide for Newbies and Veterans:tarkov cheats

Tarkov is a challenging game. It’s not just because of the difficulty level you have to overcome, but also because of some in-game mechanics that make it rather difficult to get anywhere in this game, luckily, there are various cheats and guides available for players who want to get ahead.

Unlocking the Tarkov Map

Although it’s not necessary to unlock the map in order to play the game, it will certainly help you get to higher levels quickly.

There are 5 provinces in the game; North, West, East, South, and Central Provinces and each one of them can be obtained by completing certain challenges.

The more challenges you complete, the more provinces you unlock, to unlock the map, simply complete a couple of challenges in the provinces that you don’t have access to yet. It’s important to note that challenges will only be unlocked when you have reached the appropriate level to complete them.

In order to check your provinces, press and select the Province tab on the left column, you can also change the map view by pressing the key.

You can toggle map mode by pressing the key again, to change provinces, simply drag the small colored bar to any province that you want to visit. 

Finding Cheat Codes

Tarkov is a game that’s been around for a long time, and there are plenty of guides and cheat codes posted online, unfortunately, it’s not possible to simply copy and paste them into the game.

What you can do is use software that can analyze the game’s code and give you the right set of codes for your character, to find the right cheat code for your character, start by putting in your character name and the level at which you want to start cheating.

You can also enter the tarkov cheats codes manually or use an app., keep in mind that many cheats don’t work with automated cheat-finding methods. 

Unlocks for Weapons

Unlike other games where you can simply unlock new weapon variants, in Tarkov you must complete various challenges to get an unlocked weapon, each challenge will require you to complete certain objectives with a certain weapon, you don’t have to unlock all unlocked weapons to get the best weapons in the game, but if you want the highest level weapons and at the same time, have all unlocked weapons, it will take you quite a while.

To unlock a weapon, simply go to your inventory, select the weapon you want to unlock, and press the button in the lower-left corner, this will bring up the lock/unlock dialogue, use the button to lock this weapon and unlock the other weapons in your inventory.

Challenges and Paths to Higher Levels

In Tarkov, your level affects not only your health and stamina but also how much damage incoming bullets do to you, therefore, it’s very important to keep grinding at lower levels, even if you’re only gaining a couple of levels here and there.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock challenges for certain weapons or locations, completing these challenges will give you a higher level and unlock new equipment that you can use in the game.

You can also use the level unlock method to get to higher levels. By simply killing people at a higher level, you can gain XP and level up.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to wait a couple of days between each level up, so don’t try to cheat by killing everyone.

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