Everything You Need To Know About Human Terremation

Human remains have only been known to be buried or burnt to ashes as a final send-off. Well, another way you can do it is by human terramation, which is more beneficial. The fact that human terramation has just been legalized in some states makes it mysterious to some people since some of them have never heard of it before today.

It is a composting process involving human remains to source nutrients for the soil. But what is this human terramation all about?

Below is a clear outline of human terramation.


Human terramation is another name for human composting. The human waste is laid on a layer of organic matter, added to is another layer on top and left for the human food digesting microbes to devour and turn into enriched soil.

The Process

Human terramation services are successfully carried out in four major stages. It begins with the human remains and ends with a pile of nutrient-rich soil. Below is a brief tour of how the process is successfully carried out.

Stage 1: The Lay In

At this point, the body is laid in the right conditions to decompose. The vessel is filled with nitrogen-rich materials such as alfalfa. The alfalfa will serve as the main attraction for the microbes to optimize their functionality which is to feed on the body.

Families and friends can add other organic materials, such as flowers and letters.

STAGE 2: The Terramation

This is where the body is left undisturbed for three weeks to allow oxygen into the vessel and activate the microbes present in the body to turn it into matter. However, three weeks in, the vessel is turned to facilitate oxygen movement into the vessel.

STAGE 3: The Curing

At stage 3, the body has already decomposed. This is where screening is done to note the inorganic materials that have yet to break down. Some materials are recyclable, for example, stents, screws, and implants. They are set aside.

STAGE 4: The Life Grows On

Finally, the final results are out. The final soil weight is determined by the weight of the composting body, which is topped up with pounds of organic to achieve the final result. After the body is broken down into matter, some weight and water are lost. This will cause a slight deviation of the final product’s final weight compared to the initial.

Reasons You Should Consider Human Terramation

  • It is a source of nutrients to enrich the soil without using chemicals.
  • It is convenient and time-saving since most of it is handled by experts.
  • It is optional for you to say goodbye to your close friends.
  • It is a safe way to mourn and send off your loved ones.
  • It is eco-friendly compared to the traditional way, which requires the deceased to be buried with inorganic materials in the soil.


In the quest to keep the dirt off the ground and gain control of the global warming sky-rocketing every day, experts have come up with positive ideas such as recycling through composting. Human terramation is the new way to keep off those inorganic materials such as metal ornaments. You will save money and time and have a peaceful and personalized mourning period as you let the experts take care of the rest for you.

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