Characteristics of a Good Behavioral Health Facility

Unlike in the past, modern-day behavioral health facility designs have changed tremendously. In fact, many are the facilities that used to have impersonal rooms and blank walls getting renovated using modern design features. These new additions have seen welcoming, warm, and exceptionally beautiful spots comfortable spending time in.

Today, caregivers are partnering with top-of-the-line designers to realize this dream. Ideally, behavioral rooms should be looking good, if not the best, in design, in the whole facility. This is not only useful to the patients alone but is also essential to the staff and visitors who come to the facility. For instance, by incorporating a behavioral health bedroom, which is modern, with natural light and the right furniture, everyone who uses them will feel included in part and parcel of today’s lifestyle.

Let us be honest; behavioral inpatient facilities can be frightening to a majority of people. Whether to the patient or the family members, these facilities are stressful in different ways. That is why it is only right to say, making them as comfortable as possible is what every caregiver must ensure to deliver to their patients. All said, below are some of the top characteristics of a perfect behavioral health facility.

Open Floor Plans

Generally, an open floor plan is useful to the visibility aspect of the space. Also, it helps the staff keep a closer eye on the patients and makes the room feel less crowded by creating an impression of a larger room.

Exposure to Daylight and Nature

A behavioral health facility should not feel like a prison. In fact, if there were anywhere that should be as comfortable as possible, it could be these facilities. Whether it is within the behavioral health bedroom or anywhere between, the need to include plenty of natural light will improve visibility and increase patients’ sense of calm. It is also an excellent idea to allow patients to carry furniture or sit in the open with sunlight to improve their sense of belonging and control.

Private and Shared Rooms

When it comes to behavioral rooms, a combination of private and shared rooms is vital to support individual needs. In essence, some patients will require more privacy than others due to one or two reasons. And it is only excellent to respect that by creating a room that is lovely to spend time in and diverts attention by including something like artwork.


Unlike in the past, where behavioral facilities used to be boring places without even an artwork, recent times have seen an impressive change. Images generally bring nature to the indoor facilities in terms of photographs and drawings. It has been proven that soft-color artwork positively impacts a patient’s mental health and behavior. Furthermore, allowing patients to personalize their behavioral health bedrooms with personal effects in art facilitates an intimate connection with friends and families.

Physical Safety

This is probably one of the top considerations in any behavioral health facility. The caregivers will want to ensure a safe environment for their patients by eliminating sharp objects or dangerous items. With this, there will be reduced chances of patients causing personal harm.

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