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Improve your creativity

Suppose you are allowed to have a great time enjoying yourself with your friends and developing some skills simultaneously. Then your eyes will surely start shining brighter. At this time, getting off your boredom is what everyone wishes for. Then here is the Leather workshop Singapore that gives you a session on leather works with home DIY kits to design your leather objects with your hand.

You can create customized leather products at your comfort level with your people. They also provide a virtual experience of crafting with online classes, and you will get your kit at your home. The professionals in crafting will give you online sessions, and you have the freedom to work with the material according to your ideas. These workshops serve as a great medium to build your imagination and creative design things per your vision.

Various Packages for you

These workshops conduct leather crafting packages for different rates according to your decision. Here are the offers that most workshops give:

  • Public Leather Crafting Workshops – These are available at $40 per pax starting with one person minimum of 1 person. They are conducted at public locations with fully air-conditioned venues.
  • Private Leather Crafting Workshop – The price starts at $42 per person, and a minimum of 5 pax are required. These give locations according to your preference as well.
  • Virtual Leather Crafting workshop – These are the online workshops at your place for $40 per pax. It helps in building your bond with friends and family.
  • DIY Home Experience Kit – The duration of these workshops is according to your decision. Starting with just $40, it is best for designing creative gifts for your loved ones.

The duration of these workshops is 1.5 hours. The whole session is conducted under the guidance of professionals. Leather workshop Singapore also gives different types of DIY kits according to your choice.

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