What Are The Effective Tips To Prevent Your Garden Shed From Rotting?

Garden sheds are a quintessential feature of almost every household in Britain. From storing tools to practicing various hobbies, they are functional spaces in your property. Usually made of wood, garden sheds can range from the smallest of equipment stores to huge workshops.

However, the core structure of the garden sheds is wood which makes them prone to rot. If you want an everlasting garden shed, you have to take proper care of it. Furthermore, you have to be aware of certain factors which can affect its durability.

If you have a wooden garden shed, it is imperative that you safeguard it from damage. Note that wood rot is one of the most common issues garden owners face. Corrosion and rot of the wooden shed can lead to unnecessary rebuilds of the shed. But thankfully, there are several ways with the help of which you can guard against wood rot.

A Brief Overview of Wood Rot

To guard effectively against wood rot, you should know about it properly. To be precise, rot is referred to as the decomposition of organic matter. It involves the decaying of matter and is usually caused by fungi.

If the wooden garden shade appears to be flaky and soft, you should better make preparations to repair it. Note that the most common variety of wood rot is brown rot. This type of rot can have a detrimental impact on the overall stability of your garden shed.   

Factors Responsible for Rotting of Garden Sheds

Here are some of the factors that are responsible for the rotting of garden sheds.

  • Temperature

To be precise, fungi cannot thrive in extreme temperatures. In short, the hotter and colder months of the year are the least favourable time to support the growth of fungi. The monsoon season is the perfect time for fungi to grow, which always remains a concern.

  • Humidity

Another factor that augments the growth of fungi is humidity. Note that fungi thrive in an environment where the humidity is over 30%. Hence, humidity control is important to guard against the rotting of garden sheds.

Top Ways to prevent the Wooden Shed from Rotting

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  • Ensure a Solid Base for the Shed

Being a natural product, wood easily absorbs water. So if you are opting for wooden flooring, water can soak up through the floor. And always remember that wood and water are not a good combination. To combat this, ensure that you have a raised platform from the soil.

  • Install Garden Sheds in Sunlit Areas

Always install garden sheds in those areas where there is plenty of sunshine. Even if there is snow or rainfall, your structure will dry out quickly because of the sun’s rays. And the quicker you eliminate humidity, the less time the fungi would have to feast on wood.

Surrey Hills Garden Buildings would be your ideal option when the context is about garden shed maintenance. They are a familiar name in the realm of garden buildings.

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