Various Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Companies

Carpet Cleaning is so much effective in protecting the carpets to make them last for years. There are different cleaning methods for light rug cleaning. The best approach is steam cleaning removing 90% of the bacteria and dirt from the carpets. Further, dry cleaning is a safe method to ensure the cleanliness of the carpets.

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Types of carpet cleaning methods to look forward to

·        Encapsulation cleaning

This is one such method when the carpet is first vacuumed using the encapsulated chemicals. Then a rotating machine is kept on the floor.

Likewise, it helps to absorb the chemical by isolating the dirt on the carpets. The cleaning time is quite fast, having minimum downtime. It is a low moisture system because of which the carpets can be put to use instantly.

·        Dry powder cleaning

This technique is also known as the host system. Besides, there is a soft cleaning product that is combined with detergent and water. It makes the product so much safe to use.

Secondly, the mixture is put on the carpets making all the clumps look like sawdust. All the clumps readily absorb the dirt from the carpets. The clumps are then vacuumed to have such cleaner carpets. However, it is not a deep cleaning facility as the dirt is not deep cleaned from the surfaces.

·        Steam cleaning

This is an excellent method using high temperature and heat to help prevent bacteria, viruses away from the carpets. Also, it effectively removes all the dirt and dust from the carpets to improve their appearance.

This is an ideal method both for the cleaning companies and the owners who use it. There is carpet cleaning near me

 that makes use of the steam cleaning the most. It is an affordable method also.

·        Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is also called dry cleaning by so many companies done on a low moisture tone. After using the treatment on the carpets, the carpets are put to dry for about 30 minutes. It makes use of self-neutralizing detergent, which is sprayed on the carpets.

Then a rotary scrubber is attached to the dry cotton bonnet pad. This turns out to be an appropriate cleaning method for all commercial places. It gives thorough cleaning to the carpet surfaces.

·        Hot water extraction

It makes use of hot water that is applied to the carpet fibers using the high-pressure wand. Additionally, both the pressure and water work together to dissolve the mud, dust, and all other smaller particles. The steam also fluffs up the carpet fibers so that all the carpets in the homes start looking fresh again.


There are no such best cleaning methods, as people can choose anything that they like. Also, it’s crucial to keep the carpets in good condition as much as possible.

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