Using a RAW Cone Filler to Fill your Cones to Perfection

Pre-rolled cones are ready-made products that can help roll-your-own enthusiasts save some energy and time in their day by not having to roll joints by hand. This prevents you from tearing the paper accidentally during rolling. A roll that is not done right can result in an uneven burn and harsher taste. In fact, with these cones, you don’t have to worry about not being able to light up if you have joint pain. You only need to fill the cone with a strain designed to help relieve muscle tension and enjoy the smoke. These cones fit in your pockets, making them quite portable.

How to Properly Fill Pre-Rolled Cones

The best way to fill the cones with cannabis is to put aside the amount of weed you want to smoke and fill the cone with it. Pack it gently within the cone with a tip or similar instrument. Then, twist the widest end of the cone, shake it up, and light up the cone. This will give you great-looking smoke.

However, although this is a simple process, you may need some help or you may need to fill several cones. This is the reason you may need a raw cone filler that automates the stuffing stage. The bigger filling machine is meant for commercial use; however, the single filler is great for individuals who like to roll cones quickly and easily. The machine is the best way to get perfect cones each time without the hassle of stuffing them manually.

How Cone Fillers Work

Cone filling machines are available in two kinds. The first machine injects the cone with weed while the other uses vibration and gravity for filling the cone. With these machines, every cone is filled to perfection, saving you lots of headaches. When buying a cone filler, pick one that fits the size of the cone you use. Some fillers are made to fill small cones while others are for king size cones.

If you have to fill many cones at a time, check out the RAW Thumper Cone Filler. It can fill 100 pre-rolled cones in just minutes. It uses sound waves for vibrating the product into the cones. With this handy piece of equipment, cannabis businesses can save hundreds in labor costs because of its efficient and excellent performance. Just make sure to watch any videos associated with the equipment to better understand how it works.

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