Tips to Maximize your Eating Capacity in A Buffet

Many restaurants are offering all you can eat buffet for a price. It can be of good value for both you and the restaurants. While you can enjoy our all you can eat buffet, the restaurants can also save money since they don’t need any employees to help the customers.

You can never eat enough food in buffet. Usually, you will be able to eat less for what you pay. If you want to eat maximum food for the money you paid for go on reading. This article gives you suggestions on mistakes to be avoided and how to maximize your intake.

Before you go to buffet prepare your stomach by drinking lot of water throughout the day. Water helps digestion. This helps in stretching the tummy space so that you can eat more food.

Never go to the buffet with a starving stomach. Overeating in buffet may cramp up your stomach. Have a light meal that can easily get digested well before you go to the buffet.

Before going to a restaurant that provides buffet, do some research and know what they provide in their buffet. Don’t end up in something that’s worthless just because they provide cheaper buffet.

Don’t sip on soda or any other sugary drinks which can occupy your stomach and you won’t be able to enjoy your buffet.

Don’t start with starchy food like pasta, potatoes and bread. These are usually provided as starters with a hope that you scoop lot of this and there will be less space for expensive varieties.

Starting with soups and salads can prepare your stomach for easy processing. On any variety of food take small portions only so that you can refill if you like it or move on to other dishes if that doesn’t taste good. You can also clean your plate easily without wasting food.

Don’t eat the same food that you like, paying a higher price at buffet. You can get them at cheaper price in any other diner. Choose the food you want to try on. It is always good to try new variety of dishes or the one that you never cooked.

Enjoy each bite of your food. Eat on a slow pace rather than gulping down as quickly as possible. Walk around to see what all the available varieties are. Walking also helps in moving the food quickly down.

And of course! Finish up with your favorite dessert.

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