Judy Collins – The 80 Years Old Lady with a Voice of 20 Years

There were thousands of singers and songwriters in America who have made a mark for themselves in their era. It is said that with time a singer drops her melodious voice. Their vocal cord hardens and voice modulation slows down. They’re no longer are able to take high notes. However, one singer and songwriter who still at the age of 80 years has the same vocal and resonate is Judy Marjorie Collins.

Judy Collins at the age of 80 still sounds energetic, melodious and gentle. Not everyone had such a long career in their life. She still performs 120 shows in a year. Looking at her spectacular journey, Colorado Music Hall of Fame exhibited her dress worn during 1970s performance on stage, her cassettes, open reel, sheet music, Songbook that contains her autobiography and Blue ribbon award.

Chuck Morris, the manager shook hands with journalist Gary Brown to promote the music, musicians, organizations and supporters that started their career from Colorado and made a mark in the olden times of music. Thus, when you enter the auditorium, you will find exclusive masterpieces of some renowned singers that are being respected.

Collins was from Seattle, she was born in 1939. She had curiosity in music like her father who was a radio host, vocalist, as well as pianist. After learning piano from a professional she made her debut in Mozart’s Concerto for Two Pianos. However, later she left piano and started learning guitar as she was mesmerized with folk music. It was only after her marriage when she moved to Denver, that her luck struck hard and she launched her initial album ‘Maid of Constant Sorrow’ sponsored by Elektra Records.

Later every few years she came out with blast –

  • In 1962 her first folk music video Apples of Sun was launched.
  • Judy Collins 3 in 1963 included the work of Shel Silverstein and Bob Dylan.
  • In 1964 she launched her fifth album which included some exclusive masterpiece of famous folk singer of that time.
  • After getting divorced in 1965, she came out with another album in 1966.
  • In 1967, the album ‘Wildflowers’ had three songs sung by Collins.
  • In 1968, Collins first album as launched where she soaked her hands in country-rock.
  • 1970s was special because in ‘Whales & Nightingales’ Collins vocal was recorded with the sound of humpback whales.
  • Her second concert album was launched in 1971, ‘Living’.
  • In 1972, the best collection of Judy was floated in market as ‘Color of the Day’.
  • From 1973 to 1975, her journey was smooth with various songs writing and recording.
  • In 1976, she becomes a political activist, but after a while, she had to give up singing for some time due to her damaged vocal cords. And in 1979, she came back with pop music, ‘Hard Times for Lovers’.
  • However, in the 1980s her performances were declining and so her charms, because of changing taste of public towards soft rock and pop music.
  • After 23 years Elektra Records and Collins parted ways. Collins then moved to England where she recorded for Telstar Records.
  • In 1987, she signed Gold Castle Label too launch her first album in England and also her first book, ‘Trust your Heart’.
  • Since then, she became quite famous and was in demand. However, in 1992, her son, committed suicide since he was addicted to alcohol.

  • 1993, 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2003, was the time when Collins told people that she is alive and so is her fine voice.
  • Since 1987 till date, she has published many books that speak about her past stories, her fight against depression, the phase of life when her son died, her eating disorder and alcoholism and how she fought against it.

Today, Judy Marjorie Collins is a renowned name that is taken with respect. People are still mesmerized with her fine voice and can’t take their eyes off her. She is a legend who has lived her life with pride.

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