How to Maintain Social Distance While Organizing Conferences

We all know how important it’s to maintain social distancing these days. With the crisis of the pandemic looming high, all we need to do is stay safe and follow the rules. But can work be compromised for that? Not at all! The show (work) must go on, no matter how the situation is. And with digitization at our back, we don’t need to compromise safety to ensure proper working conditions.

What better way to do that than limiting the number of visits you need to make to a hotel to book a room for your business conference? From going through the options of room availability to booking the right one for your upcoming conference, you can do everything online with the help of advanced room scheduling software designed specifically for the purpose.

You may think that it’s no big deal in booking a conference hall, but it is. You need to create an estimate of the number of people attending the conference, check availabilities, and pick a suitable space with proper facilities and amenities to ensure the success of your meeting.

If you’re thinking about how to maintain social distancing while holding the conference, the following tips will help:

Block some seats

As we all know by now, we need to stay six feet apart from each other to prevent the transmission of the virus through droplets. You can achieve this by blocking 1-2 seats between two people so that no one can sit there. You can either use a ribbon to tie the seats together or put up a notice, whichever seems convenient.

Manage the proper flow of attendees

Hire people to manage the guest flow in the meeting or seminar and don’t allow more than five people to enter the room at once. Let them take their seats first and then you can allow another five. Arrange the timing of the conference accordingly, so that the ones, who reach a little late, don’t miss out on anything.

See that everyone wears masks

It’s your job to ensure everyone’s safety while holding an event, seminar, or meeting. The social distancing rule won’t be enough to prevent infections if the attendees don’t wear masks. Hence, make it a point to mention it in your invitation that only the ones wearing masks will be allowed to enter the hall.

Wrapping it up

The desk hoteling software and the aforementioned regulations can help you hold conferences and seminars successfully without jeopardizing safety. And that’s what we all need at the moment, don’t you think?

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