How To Effectively Conserve And Use Renewable Energy

These days with a decrease in the source of non-renewable energy sources, renewable energy comes as the best alternative energy source. Interestingly, renewable energy comes in varieties such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, etc.

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Let’s see how the United States make use of this traditional energy effectively.

Solar Energy

The electricity that solar energy generates is widely used in both residential and commercial homes. As of 2018, solar energy has recognized as the fastest-growing energy.

With the solar source capacity of 55 gigawatts, the U.S comes with the capacity to power more than 10 Million residential homes. For most house owners, rooftop solar provides an economic solution without the hassle.

Wind Energy

With the wind capacity of over 50 GW, the United States use the most sustainable form of renewable source. Wind energy gets converted into electrical energy through towers, wind turbines.  To generate an electric source for nearby homes, single wind turbines are used. To serve large areas like a wind farm, multiple wind turbines are needed.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is yet another effective traditional source that converts energy generated from the earth’s surface into electricity. When the earth’s surface is drilled deep, hot steam rises, which pushes turbines up.

As a result, the turbine sends electricity to the rotor and power grid. Geothermal heat pumps are used to absorb geothermal energy.

Biomass Energy

Plant-based material such as dead crops, wood scraps, and sawdust are deeply burnt to produce hot steam. Additionally, some wastes from animals such as farm animals and cows are gathered in a pond. It decomposes slowly, and then methane gas is released. The hot gas flows in the turbine to generate electricity.

Ways to conserve energy:

  • Unplug unused electronic items.
  • Switch to LED lighting.
  • Try using a limited power supply.
  • Seal gaps near air ducts, doors, and windows.

Energy-saving tips for hot weather:

  • Always close the curtains during the sunny days.
  • Wash cleaning vessels and clothes at night.
  • Set your thermostat to four degrees during the hot time.
  • Double-check Your Ceiling fan to rotate anti-clockwise to spread cool air.

Energy-saving Ideas during cold weather:

  • Before leaving your home, just lower the thermostat for 4 degrees.
  • Always set the ceiling fan in a way to make it rotate clockwise.
  • During the sunny day, tap curtains that are south facing.
  • Make sure that you always have a warm blanket with you.


Using an unlimited source of renewable energy helps saving electricity for future generations. It also saves your money in the long run.

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