Cycle Frontier Cheats – How To Use Them, Tips And Tricks Shooting Game

When you start a new game in Cycle Frontier, you’re presented with a quick tutorial that aims to teach you the basics of the game.

If you’re having trouble with a certain stage, or wonder how to accomplish a certain task, you can use the Cycle Frontier Cheats to get a boost. These cheats can be used in both story and replay modes.

What Are Cycle Frontier Cheats?

Cycle Frontier Cheats are special in-game modifiers you can use to get an edge in the game. While the game has many different modifiers, the Cycle Frontier Cheats is the most useful of them all.

Using the Cycle Frontier Cheats in the game can provide you with an advantage in many different ways. For example, you might be able to skip a certain part of the tutorial or get more gems in a stage that normally costs you lives.

It is recommended to use the cheats as you play the game, instead of trying to collect every single crystal and secret.

Understand The Game Flow

There are four main game modes in Cycle Frontier:

Story – Set in the distant future, where humans have colonized other planets. In this mode, you’ll go on a journey to save the human race.

Freeplay – You’re free to roam through a wide range of different worlds, exploring everything the game has to offer.

Survival – A faster-paced version of Freeplay, with a limited health bar and gem supply.

Training – A full-featured practice mode, where you can learn the ropes, and master your skills.

Know When To Use Cheats

It is recommended to use the Cycle Frontier Cheats when you’re on a mission to earn all of the crystals and secrets.

If you’re aiming to get a gold medal on every level, you don’t need to use the Cycle Frontier Cheats. The game has a lot of content, so it might take you a while to go through it all.

If you’re stuck on a certain stage, or just need one more try to get that high score, you can use the cheats. You can also use them when you’re just looking to have some fun, rather than earning a gold medal.

Tips For Getting Through Stages

Don’t be afraid to take your time on the levels. You can speed through them in Story mode, but in Freeplay and Survival, you have to get the gold medal.

Try to memorize each level’s path, as there is no map in the game. Experiment with different characters and their abilities.

Check out the Cycle Frontier Walkthrough, and look at the solutions for each level. If you’re having trouble with a certain mechanic, such as the gravity change in the second level, or the timing for the jump in the third level, watch available videos online.

How To Use The Cycle Frontier Cheats

These are general cheats, and they should work in all modes.

Stage Select – You can choose a stage by entering one of the stages after you complete it. You can only choose a stage that you’ve completed.

Skip Tutorial – You can skip the tutorial by pressing the X button after you start the game. You can’t skip the first level of Story mode.

Free Coins – In Freeplay or Survival, gain coins by performing tasks such as collecting coins or destroying enemies.

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