All About Turning Your Grass Clippings into Compost

Turning grass clippings into compost is a very wise thing to do. After all, instead of throwing away an all-organic material, you are putting it to a great use. However, there are a few things which you must consider before you plan on turning those grass clippings from your lawn into compost.

Important things to know about composting lawn grass

First of all, be ready to do some hard work. Gathering up grass clippings is not an easy task. However, the key is to understand that it is not necessary. Yes, if you mow your lawn keeping in mind proper height and frequency, the grass clippings will decompose in the lawn naturally. Now, this will add nutrients to your existing soil.

However, if you are planning to turn those clippings into compost, remember that freshly cut grass falls in the category of ‘green’ material. To make a good terreautage gazon, you will have to balance green and brown material. So, as you add freshly cut grass, do add some dry leaves.

Also, you can allow the grass clippings to dry naturally before you add it to the pile of compost. This way, they will turn brown and thus will be considered as brown material.

Making grass compost

Well, you have your green and brown materials ready, but you cannot just toss them and walk away. When you are using freshly cut grass, it will tend to form a mat and thus will result into slow and smelly compost. This is because, when cut and piled, grass can become very compact and wet, and this prevents aeration. As a result, microbes in the compost don’t survive and thus the process of composting isn’t carried out properly.

In simple words, when grass clippings are not handled properly, they cannot turn into a good compost. It can create a mucky mess and nothing else. Therefore, make sure you mix and turn grass clippings properly into the pile. This way, both green and brown materials will get mixed properly and prevent the grass clippings from making a mat in the pile.

Grass composting is a fantastic way to recycle your lawn’s very own nutrients and add it to much needed soil. Now, since you know how to make compost and what are the things you should take care about, surely you will be able to make nutritious grass compost. Although, if your soil needs something extra, do checkout ecolawnapplicator.com for some worthy gardening materials and accessories.

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